Sticky Password

Sticky Password

Store and auto-fill login IDs, passwords, addresses, and credit card numbers
Sticky Password v8.3
28 Apr 2021
Sticky Password v8.2.3.24
17 Oct 2018
Sticky Password v8.1.0.112
18 Nov 2017
Editorial review
Sticky Password v8.0.12.127
10 Dec 2014
Editorial review
Sticky Password v7.0.7.69
16 Aug 2013
Editorial review
Sticky Password v6.0.18.485
3 Jan 2012
Sticky Password v5.0.19.269
16 Sep 2010
Sticky Password v4.1.3.195
26 May 2010
Editorial review
Sticky Password v3.4
19 Mar 2008

What's new

v8.2.3.24 [17 Oct 2018]
Fixed Secure Memos memory issue.

v8.1.0.112 [18 Nov 2017]
- Fixed http authorization issue in Firefox and Internet Explorer.
- Fixed Opera integration issue.
- Fixed issue with high DPI on Windows 7.
- Fixed issue with launching on Windows Vista
Fixed import from Roboform.
- Added hotkey for password generator.
- Various stability improvements and bug fixes.

v3.4 [19 Mar 2008]
* Added full unicode support of Eastern languages
* Added support for Mozilla Firefox 3
* Fixed several bugs and improved stability

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