Sticky Password

Sticky Password 8.4

Store and auto-fill login IDs, passwords, addresses, and credit card numbers

Sticky Password can help you store various types of data, including website logins, application passwords, bookmarks, identities and memos. The tool runs from the System Tray and uses a master password to keep your information safe. It installs extensions on your browsers, which are intended to capture website login information as well as fill in forms automatically.

The program has an easy-to-use interface with separate tabs for every type of information. Moreover, you can organize web accounts into groups. Still, it is too bad that the tool does not allow creating custom data fields.

Fortunately, your information is encrypted using AES-256, a very strong algorithm. It is also quite convenient that Sticky Password supports synchronizing data with your portable devices not only on the cloud but also through the local Wi-Fi network. As additional security measures, the tool uses biometric authentication and generates strong passwords.

All in all, Sticky Password is a good solution when it comes to saving important login and account information. Like other similar programs, it has the disadvantage of using a single master password to protect all your data. Luckily, when you install the product, it lets you try its Premium edition for a few days. After this period, you can continue to use it for free, with just a few limitations.

Pedro Castro
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Review summary


  • Stores various types of information
  • Uses strong encryption
  • Allows sharing info over the Cloud and the local network
  • Strong password generator
  • Uses biometric authentication


  • Does not allow creating custom form fields
  • Using a single master password is too risky
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